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man wearing a battle belt from blue alpha belts.

Accessorize or Die: The Ultimate Material Guide for Battle Belt Gear

In the high-stakes world of tactical gear, choosing the right material for your Battle Belt can be a matter of life or death. Your gear’s reliability often hinges on the fabrics, metals, and polymers that craft it. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the essence of these durable materials and spotlight some of the most sought-after Battle Belt accessories in the market.


Tegris is a polypropylene laminate boasting an unmatched blend of lightness, stiffness, and impact resistance. Its molecular structure is designed to disperse force, making it especially effective against blunt trauma and high-velocity impacts.


  • Lightweight: Gear can weigh you down in critical situations. Tegris offers the protection you need without the cumbersome weight. 
  • Abrasion Resistant: The rugged nature of Tegris ensures that it can take a beating without showing wear, an essential quality in the harsh conditions of a battlefield. 
  • Temperature Tolerance: Tegris remains stable across a broad range of temperatures, ensuring your gear won’t deform in extreme heat or become brittle in the cold.

Product Spotlight

  • Tourniquet Holder: Made with durable Squadron, Tegris, and elastic, it offers versatile mounting options for your essential lifesaving tourniquet, whether on your belt, plate carrier, or other fabric-covered surfaces.
  • Handcuff Case: Constructed from lightweight yet highly durable Squadron and Tegris materials, offers secure and convenient storage for your handcuffs, with versatile MOLLE or belt slot mounting options.

Nylon Webbing

Nylon webbing is strong, abrasion-resistant, and adaptable, making it an ideal choice for military and tactical purposes.


  • Durability: One of nylon webbing’s core strengths is its resilience against wear and tear. It’s designed to last, no matter the stressors it encounters. 
  • Flexibility: Unlike some materials that can be rigid, nylon webbing offers a degree of flexibility, ensuring comfort without compromising on strength. 
  • Moisture Resistance: Nylon inherently repels water, preventing it from getting weighed down when wet and resisting mildew growth. 
  • Cost-effective: While maintaining high-quality standards, nylon webbing tends to be more economical and just as durable as some of its pricier counterparts.

Product Spotlight

  • Flatline Fiber Co Padded Rifle Sling: It combines comfort and simplicity, featuring a durable 1″ Nylon webbing construction, a 1.5″ wide 500D Cordura pad, and quick adjustments with an ITW Ladder loc and pull tab.

500D/1000D Cordura

The ‘D’ in 500D and 1000D stands for “denier”, a unit measuring the linear mass density of fibers. In simple terms, it tells us about the thickness and ruggedness of the material. 

Here’s what sets them apart:

  • 500D Cordura: Lighter and more flexible, 500D Cordura is suited for applications where weight efficiency is crucial without significant compromises in durability. It’s particularly suitable for gear that requires a blend of mobility and toughness. 
  • 1000D Cordura: With double the denier, 1000D is the epitome of ruggedness. It’s heavier, more abrasive-resistant, and is typically found in gear designed for the harshest conditions, where maximum durability is paramount.


  • Abrasion Resistance: Cordura fabrics are renowned for their ability to withstand rough use without showing signs of wear and tear. 
  • Durability: A high resistance to tears and punctures ensures that gear made from Cordura can weather the challenges of any environment. 
  • Water Resistance: Treated Cordura fabrics repel water, making them suitable for operations in wet conditions. 
  • Fade Resistance: The color integrity of Cordura materials remains consistent, even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Product Spotlight

  • Flatline Fiber Co Cordura Dump Pouch: Offers versatile storage with internal pockets, a synch closure, and compatibility with various mag pouches, all in a durable 500D Cordura construction.
  • Belt Lanyards: Made from durable 500D/1000D Cordura, they keep your essentials close and secure, whether wrapped around your belt or woven through MOLLE.


Squadron is a specialized laminate fabric consisting of a double layer of Cordura nylon, 500D laminated to 1000D. Designed and proven to withstand the harshest conditions, it’s no surprise that Squadron has become a favorite among tactical professionals.


  • Superior Strength and Durability: The double-layered Cordura nylon construction of Squadron ensures it resists tears, rips, and punctures, making it ideal for the most demanding environments.
  • Lightweight Construction: Despite its strength, Squadron remains incredibly lightweight, preventing gear from weighing down its users.
  • Water and NIR Compliance: Squadron is water repellent and NIR compliant, ensuring longevity and consistent performance in diverse conditions.
  • Laser Cuttable: The fabric is ideal for laser cutting applications, allowing for MOLLE attachment without the need for additional webbing.

Product Spotlight

  • Belt Keepers: Upgrade your Battle Belt’s stability with Blue Alpha’s newly redesigned Belt Keepers, featuring Squadron and Tegris construction for added durability and security.
  • Stock Sock: Turn your AR stock into a versatile platform for mission essentials with the Blue Alpha Stock Sock, featuring modular mounting, QD sling attachment compatibility, and Squadron construction.


A thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride, Kydex is best known for its ability to be heated and molded into precise, rugged shapes and its ability to maintain those shapes across a wide range of challenging environments.


  • Moldability: One of Kydex’s most notable features is its ease of moldability. With the application of heat, it can be shaped into intricate designs, which makes it an ideal choice for holsters, sheaths, and other gear that requires a tight, custom fit. 
  • Rigidity and Durability: Despite its moldability, once set, Kydex is incredibly rigid and maintains its shape. This quality ensures that gear retains its intended function over time, without sagging or warping. 
  • Weather Resistance: Kydex is virtually impervious to moisture, making it resistant to mold, mildew, and rot. Its resilience against various environmental factors ensures longevity even in challenging climates. 
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike some materials that require regular care to maintain their appearance and integrity, Kydex is easy to clean and doesn’t need frequent maintenance. 
  • Safety: Kydex is self-extinguishing when exposed to flame, which makes it a safer choice for gear used in volatile scenarios.

Product Spotlight

6061-T6 Aluminum

For those in the know, 6061-T6 aluminum isn’t just another metal. It represents a balance of workability, strength, and versatility. 

With its roots in industries ranging from aerospace to architecture, it’s no wonder that this grade of aluminum has become a go-to choice for those demanding nothing but the best in their gear for Battle Belts.


  • Lightweight yet Robust: 6061-T6 is celebrated for its strength-to-weight ratio. While it’s lightweight, it doesn’t compromise on strength, offering impressive tensile strength that makes it ideal for load-bearing applications. 
  • Corrosion Resistance: When it comes to exposure to the elements, 6061-T6 stands tall. Its natural resistance to corrosion, particularly when anodized, means that your gear won’t succumb to rust or other forms of degradation easily. 
  • Workability: From machining to welding, 6061-T6 is known for its excellent workability, allowing for intricate designs and reliable joints. 
  • Heat Treated for Extra Strength: The “T6” in its name refers to the heat treatment this aluminum undergoes, enhancing its structural strength and stability. 
  • Affordability: Despite its premium qualities, 6061-T6 aluminum remains cost-effective, making high-grade gear accessible to a broader audience.

The Hard Coat Advantage

Taking 6061-T6 to another level of resilience is the Type III anodized finish. This “hard coat” not only provides a sleek black anodized finish but significantly boosts the aluminum’s resistance to wear, abrasion, and corrosion. It’s this finishing touch that transforms a great material into an exceptional one for battle gear.

Product Spotlight

Neodymium Magnets

In a fast-paced world where every second counts, especially in high-pressure situations, the quick attach and release mechanism becomes critical. And leading the charge in this innovation are neodymium magnets. These aren’t your average fridge magnets; they are a marvel of modern science, offering unparalleled strength in a compact form.


  • Incredible Magnetic Power: Derived from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron, these magnets are among the strongest permanent magnets commercially available. 
  • Compact Size, Maximum Impact: Their remarkable strength-to-size ratio allows for sleek designs without compromising on holding power. 
  • Versatility in Design: Neodymium magnets can be shaped and sized according to the specific requirements, making them incredibly adaptable to various applications. 
  • Durability: With proper coating, these magnets resist oxidation, ensuring a long service life. 
  • Safety and Speed: In the context of battle gear, the ability to quickly attach or release equipment can be crucial. Neodymium magnets provide that rapid response while ensuring the gear remains securely in place when needed.

Product Spotlight

  • NeoMag Tac-Trap: A magnetic belt storage solution with quick access to your essentials. Lightweight and made from durable 6061 aluminum, it’s the perfect range companion.

Redefining Battle Readiness

Your battle gear isn’t just equipment—it’s an extension of you. The materials used in your gear determine its efficacy, durability, and the edge it provides in crunch situations. From the rigidity of Kydex to the quick magic of neodymium magnets, understanding the intrinsic properties of these materials empowers you to make informed choices about your Battle Belt gear.

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