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A close up image of a man wearing a Blue Alpha battle belt filled with various gear.

The Blue Alpha Battle Belt Difference: What Sets Us Apart

Not all battle belts are equal. At Blue Alpha, we deeply believe in USA-made, hand-crafted battle belts that stand out above all other belts from functionality to durability and ease of use.  We’ve tailored our battle belts with features to meet the needs of law enforcement professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone needing a reliable, load-bearing […]

Doomsday: Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

In a world where the extraordinary has become ordinary, preparing for the unexpected is no longer just a precaution. It’s a necessity. And in the realm of doomsday prepping, the right gear can help protect you and your family from the undead.  As you embark on this journey through survival tips and gear recommendations, don’t […]

Weaving MOLLE Straps

MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) straps are a key component in various outdoor and tactical gear. Their design allows for convenient attachment of different equipment so users can customize their gear according to individual needs.  Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, military personnel, law enforcement, or a survivalist, mastering the art of weaving MOLLE straps will […]

How to Setup a Mag Pouch On Your Battle Belt

Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or just starting, getting your mag pouch setup right is key to performance and comfort.  Everything from selecting the right mag pouch to attaching it securely to your battle belt are some of the factors you need to consider. So let’s dive in and get your gear set up for […]

A Complete Police Duty Belt Setup Guide to Get The Most Out of Your Gear

The duty belt is a cornerstone piece of equipment for law enforcement and security professionals. It is as crucial to your role as a toolbox is to a mechanic, designed to secure and organize all your essential gear for effective and safe duty performance.  While most police academies offer setup guidance, ultimately, personalizing your duty […]

Battle Belt Essentials: IFAK

Choosing the right individual first aid kit (IFAK) for your battle belt is crucial for any tactical situation. In this post, we’ll explore the best IFAK pouches for battle belts, providing you with top recommendations to enhance your preparedness.  Breaking Down the IFAK Pouch An IFAK is a critical component for survival in high-risk environments. […]

Thigh Straps: Stabilizing Comfort for EDC and Beyond

Thigh straps are an integral part of your tactical gear, designed to increase stability and improve mobility in a range of scenarios. These durable straps wrap around your thigh, securing other pieces of equipment—like holsters or pouches—in place.  Crafted from resilient materials like nylon or elastic webbing, they are built to withstand intense physical activity, […]

waist down of man wearing a battle belt equipped with a glock 19 and black cat in dump pouch

Battle Belts Use Case: Glock 19

The Glock 19, renowned for its reliability and versatility, demands a retention system that can mirror its excellence. When mounted on a battle belt, the Glock offers unparalleled efficiency, ease of access, and security. And with a market flooded with holster options, finding the best fit for a Glock 19-battle belt setup is crucial. What […]

a close up of a man's hands configuring his blue alpha duty belt

Tactical vs Battle Belt vs Gun Belt vs Duty Belt: Explaining the Differences

In the world of tactical and professional gear, the devil is often in the details. One piece of equipment that often gets overlooked, yet plays an integral role in mission success, is the belt. Belts are no longer just about holding up your jorts (although obviously they are good for that too). Whether you’re a […]

man wearing a battle belt from blue alpha belts.

Accessorize or Die: The Ultimate Material Guide for Battle Belt Gear

In the high-stakes world of tactical gear, choosing the right material for your Battle Belt can be a matter of life or death. Your gear’s reliability often hinges on the fabrics, metals, and polymers that craft it.  In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the essence of these durable materials and spotlight some of the most […]