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Should You Carry a Tourniquet on Your Battle Belt?

Designing and putting together a quality battle belt to use in the field can feel like a daunting task. There are so many gadgets, gizmos, and accessories available on the market for battle belts. We might question exactly what is necessary and what is not necessary. Some things might feel like they are overkill. Other […]

Why An EDC Belt is Better Than Your Average Belt

A proper belt is the most overlooked aspect of an EDC (everyday carry) concealed carry rig. When we say rig, we’re referring to the gun, holster, and belt, along with any other accessories you’re carrying like a spare mag holder. The gun takes top billing, followed by the holster, usually because we need to buy […]

Picking The Right Holster for Your Battle Belt

Picking the right holster for your battle belt might seem to be an easy task, but making sure you pick the one that works best for your needs is essential. Having the right holster can leave the user feeling comfortable and secure. The wrong holster can leave the user searching for their firearm and worried […]

Concealed Gun Selection: Advice From the Pros

By: Chris Hill Picking a gun to carry can be easy, hard, or somewhere in between. The selection process for many people is often made overly complex or oversimplified depending on the attitude of the shooter and their lifestyle. It also is difficult to get good advice on the matter as most people will allow […]

The Sins of the Father: Gun Control

Gun owners are our own worst enemies.  While this is a blanket statement that may not apply to everyone, the overwhelming majority of firearm owners ruin it for all of us.  This isn’t a new concept, and honestly has been an issue for years, while we are only feeling the repercussions of some actions now.  […]

Protecting yourself from danger

Shoring Up: Protecting Yourself From a Violent Encounter

If you could up your chances of surviving a violent encounter with minimal financial investment, would you commit to it? Many gun owners are quick to follow social media trends of getting the newest gun and the most Gucci gear, but overlook simple things they can do both in and out of the house to […]

The Many Uses of MOLLE Belts

MOLLE has been around for quite a while now, and that is simply because it works. MOLLE finds its way onto just about every kind of tactical gear out there nowadays, but having a few MOLLE attachments on your belt can be a lifesaver. Tactical belts come in all shapes and sizes, but our MOLLE-equipped […]

The Most Important Tactical Gear | A Complete Guide

It is always important to be prepared. You never know what you could come up against, or what could happen outside your control. Between the pandemic and riots, now more than ever, people are preparing themselves to protect everything that matters to them. Plus, tactical gear is useful in all sorts of situations. You can […]

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How to Wear a Tactical Belt

Are you tired of uncomfortable sagging belts? Do you typically carry items on your belt like tools or other items? If so, what you need is a tactical belt! Tactical belts solve the issue of regular belts sagging and are specially designed to carry gear including a firearm. They are typically fast drying, highly adjustable, […]

Tactical Belts and Their Uses

Tactical Belts and Their Uses There are a wide variety of tactical belts out there, and their uses are numerous. Tactical belts have become increasingly popular over the years as concealed carry, everyday carry, and civilian tactical training have become more popular. Their uses have expanded beyond just military and police applications as more civilians […]