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Blue Alpha Handcuff Case


(14 customer reviews)

Durable, lightweight design meets a quick-snap release. This case is the perfect solution for any active duty officer.

  • Keeps handcuffs secure yet easily accessible
  • Extremely lightweight (≤ 1 oz)
  • Abrasion resistant
  • MOLLE or belt slot mounting options
  • Fastener included with MOLLE mount
  • Handcuff key storage slot

Typically ships in 2-5 business days.

Small Handcuff Case:
Peerless model 801c
S&W model m100-1

Large Handcuff Case:
ASP model 550
ASP model 250

All Blue Alpha accessories have a one-year warranty that covers craftsmanship and defects.

Warranty requests can be sent to or you can call us at (678) 961-3304. All you need to do is provide us with your name (or name used to make the purchase) and details of the issue (photos/videos are very helpful). Once we receive your original item, we will either send you a replacement or repair the item covered under warranty.

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14 reviews for Blue Alpha Handcuff Case

  1. james-2186 (verified owner)

    I work armed security (since that’s a large industry, I will say that I make an arrest at least once a week working 12s). I have both sizes, the molle attachment version. I have tested these cases with ASP Sentry Chained, ASP Sentry Hinged & ASP Ultra Plus chained cuffs. I’ve given each case a minimum of 40 hours attached to my body. I had the small case for months with the sentry chained.

    TL;DR: The quality of the case is superb, but they do not fit asp cuffs at all.

    Overall I love the quality of the case & the design is frankly a great design. It’d be better if my asp cuffs fit in either size. Replacing the snap with velcro may improve the case’s ability to fit cuffs. A magnet would also make a great addition. On the large size the cuffs jiggle inside the case. They are too loose for a quick pull up to release. On the small size they fit too tightly & can just pop out. Additionally they love to ratchet down. Some extra material on the side would likely improve things in that department.

    I’d imagine if I were running S&W M100s it’d fit perfectly. It’s kind of strange to me that the large size isn’t sized for ASP given that ASP is the most common large cuffs.

  2. sandefurtaylor (verified owner)

    I’m a police officer at a large department in the Midwest, over 1200 sworn. I use these pouches on a 2.25 duty. I like how small of a profile the pouch is. Easy to access my cuffs when necessary. Build
    Quality is good.

    I have not had any issues with cuffs saying secure. I’d recommend to my partners .

  3. Richard Jacobs (verified owner)

    Fits my duty light belt great! Super light and secures my S&W 300’s great! Well made!

  4. briansg7 (verified owner)

    The molle system is great on this cuff pouch and the material is much more durable than I thought it would be. However, the snap comes undone way too easily and my cuffs have ended up on the ground multiple times. I’m a lefty and I wear this at around the 8 o’clock position and the snap seems to come undone when sitting in the patrol car, and sometimes they will fall out when getting out of the car when the cuff pouch grazes the side of the door frame on the way out. I would put it on the front of my belt instead but it doesn’t fit properly with the way my belt is setup which is fine.

    To make the snap tighter, I used a pair of pliers and squeezed the part of the snap that’s on the back wall of the cuff pouch, not the part of the snap with the black button. Squeeze it just enough to where it’s no longer a perfect circle and you can feel that it’s tighter when you snap it.

    They should try to come up with a solution for this because other than that, I really love the cuff pouch.

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