Standard 1.75″ Battle Belt


The Blue Alpha Battle Belt is a highly functional load bearing utility belt that can handle all your gear.

  • Attach OWB holster, mag carrier, pouches and more
  • 1.75″ outer belt with COBRA® buckle
  • Includes 1.5″ Low Profile inner belt
  • Adjustment end routed to the inside of the belt and secured with loop fastener

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Battle Belts are made to order. Estimated lead time 14-21 days.

(56 customer reviews)

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**Battle Belts are made to order. Estimated lead time is 14-21 days.**

The Blue Alpha 1.75″ Battle Belt is a highly functional load bearing utility belt designed to hold your OWB holster, mag carriers, pouches, and other essential gear. The inner belt is threaded through your belt loops, and the outer belt attaches to the inner belt with high quality hook and loop fastener. This allows you to quickly and easily remove and attach your outer belt while the inner belt holds your pants in position.

Outer Belt

  • 1.75″ double layer nylon webbing
  • 1.75″ COBRA® buckle with optional d-ring
  • 1.5″ hook fastener inner lining
  • Adjustment end secured by double-sided fastener

Low Profile EDC/Inner Belt

  • 1.5″ double layer nylon webbing
  • Same design as our Low Profile EDC belt but with 1.5″ loop fastener outer lining
  • Functional as EDC belt when not being used as inner belt
  • Color matching to outer belt (If you’d like to order a different color inner belt than your outer belt, just add that request to your order notes.)

Sizing Note

Order your belt based on the pants size you wear. There is no need to order a larger size for an outer belt; it has been calculated in. Our belts are designed to work +/- one size. For example, a 34 belt will also fit 32 and 36. If you feel like you are in between two sizes or can’t decide which of two sizes to choose, we recommend the larger size. There is a size chart in the photos.


Our Battle and Duty Belt systems have a one-year warranty that covers craftsmanship and defects.

COBRA is a registered US trademark of AUSTRIALPIN

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Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in

Black, Coyote Brown, Multicam, OD Green, Wolf Gray

Size (Pants Size)

28 (Pants Size), 30 (Pants Size), 32 (Pants Size), 34 (Pants Size), 36 (Pants Size), 38 (Pants Size), 40 (Pants Size), 42 (Pants Size), 44 (Pants Size), 46 (Pants Size), 48 (Pants Size), Other Size Not Listed (Add Size to Order Notes)

Buckle Type

Standard Cobra Buckle, D-ring Cobra Buckle (+$17)

56 reviews for Standard 1.75″ Battle Belt

  1. Kevin Mabe (verified owner)

    Blue Alpha belts are absolutely awesome I recently purchased a double belt rig zero complaints and I’m still wearing my edc belt I purchased several years ago and it’s been through hades as sling blade says. Awesome products

  2. Logan McKinney (verified owner)

    Overall this was a great belt! The rigidity helps keep everything in place and the whole system doesn’t shift even when running around. The only thing I wish I had done different is get the MOLLE system to keep my mag pouches from shifting around. No problems with Esstac Kywis for the pistol mags but the rifle mag carrier does tend to shift around a little. Can’t beat this belt for the price!

  3. Robert

    After quite a few belts, duty type, this has got to be the best thought out of all of them. Precision cut and sewn, no shortcuts taken. Wearing one for over 12 hrs a day there is not any slippage This belt hugs the hips correctly, my only wish that it was waist tapered for every day use. It’s a five star product

  4. Jared Cowan (verified owner)

    So far, I love this belt. Have spent more time with the inner belt as a casual EDC belt and find is very easy to manage and effective. Will be heading to the range for drills and will break in the outer belt with confidence. Thanks for making a quality product!

  5. Tony M (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, excellent service, excellent price……. Blue Alpha and Miss Julie, way above and beyond “Excellent!” Thanks and Blessings!

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