Standard 1.75″ Battle Belt


The Blue Alpha Battle Belt is a highly functional load bearing utility belt that can handle all your gear.

  • Attach OWB holster, mag carrier, pouches and more
  • 1.75″ outer belt with COBRA® buckle
  • Includes 1.5″ Low Profile inner belt
  • Adjustment end routed to the inside of the belt and secured with velcro

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Battle Belts are made to order. Estimated lead time 7-14 days.

(56 customer reviews)

Free Size Exchanges in the US for the first 30 days

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**Battle Belts are made to order. Estimated lead time is 7-14 days.**

The Blue Alpha 1.75″ Battle Belt is a highly functional load bearing utility belt designed to hold your OWB holster, mag carriers, pouches, and other essential gear. The inner belt is threaded through your belt loops, and the outer belt attaches to the inner belt with high quality velcro. This allows you to quickly and easily remove and attach your outer belt while the inner belt holds your pants in position.

Outer Belt

  • 1.75″ double layer nylon webbing
  • 1.75″ COBRA® buckle with optional d-ring
  • 1.5″ hook velcro inner lining
  • Adjustment end secured by double-sided velcro

Low Profile EDC/Inner Belt

  • 1.5″ double layer nylon webbing
  • Same design as our Low Profile EDC belt but with 1.5″ loop velcro outer lining
  • Functional as EDC belt when not being used as inner belt
  • Color matching to outer belt (If you’d like to order a different color inner belt than your outer belt, just add that request to your order notes.)

Sizing Note

Order your belt based on the pants size you wear. There is no need to order a larger size for an outer belt; it has been calculated in. Our belts are designed to work +/- one size. For example, a 34 belt will also fit 32 and 36. If you feel like you are in between two sizes or can’t decide which of two sizes to choose, we recommend the larger size. There is a size chart in the photos.


Our Battle and Duty Belt systems have a one-year warranty that covers materials, craftsmanship, and defects.

COBRA is a registered US trademark of AUSTRIALPIN

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Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in

Black, Coyote Brown, Multicam, OD Green, Wolf Gray

Size (Pants Size)

28 (Pants Size), 30 (Pants Size), 32 (Pants Size), 34 (Pants Size), 36 (Pants Size), 38 (Pants Size), 40 (Pants Size), 42 (Pants Size), 44 (Pants Size), 46 (Pants Size), 48 (Pants Size), Other Size Not Listed (Add Size to Order Notes)

Buckle Type

Standard Cobra Buckle, D-ring Cobra Buckle (+$17)

56 reviews for Standard 1.75″ Battle Belt

  1. jshepard93

    They custom made me one of these with a 1.5 outer belt for USPSA. I love it. Well made, made in the USA, and made with love. If it came with corn bread, it would really be something.

  2. Daniel Castro

    If you were to ever cross path with the Batman & you are wearing this belt, he will do one of two things, he will either ask you where you bought it or he will be scared to take
    you on. This is one bad ass belt I love it all around. I am a heavy set dude & as any fat guy knows, belts are a love it & hate it affair, specially when us big boys have to move as fast as we can, belts tend to take on a lot of pressure to keep in place & keeps your pants & gear in place & in-tact. So factor that in & I say that it works for me by far better than any other classic leather belt in comparrison. Mind you, I love leather belts too but for gearing up & carrying ammo,lights & who knows what else, it maintains in place & I do not seem to be pulling my pants up so often, its more of an adjustment hear & there just to shake the bat wings loose. 😃😄😁 I do love it bottom line I didnt cheapen out on it as well I went all out & got all the best offers for it & I suggest anyone who looks into buying one to do the same, invest fully on it, you wont regret it, it is a beautifully well crafted USA Made belt & that is to me the best part of it all.

    Daniel Castro
    Los Angeles CA.
    Granada Hills

  3. Stephen Paterno (verified owner)

    fantastic customer service and gear. I lost more weight than I thought, so I needed a smaller belt than I ordered. One email and 3 days later the new one is on my doorstep with an enclosed return label and package for the old one. Fantastic!

    the belts (I went with enhanced inner) are quality fit and finished. Much more comfortable and easier to adjust than my older DAA competition belt. It’s honestly everything I could ask for this product to do at a great price. If I need any piece of kit and Blue Alpha sells it, I’m buying here.

  4. bbakopoulos (verified owner)

    Picked up a 1.75″ Double belt rig with grey and it’s absolutely awesome so far. Initially, I placed my order with the standard overlap belt but I spoke with Blue Alpha Gear’s customer service and they let me upgrade for the EDC belt. That said, customer service is awesome. The belt is very easy to set up and so far has been an excellent choice for a general purpose shooting belt. I’m running a Safariland QLS system so I can use various holsters and a double mag pouch. I’m also planning on doubling up this below for PRS competition so I can have a few spare magazines, my Kestrel, dump pouch, and a few other accessories that I carry with me. This is by far the most rigid and durable belt I own.

  5. ykg90107

    I love this belt so much, very robust build, very good quality, molle feature is a plus. My first one was stolen when I had a house break-in, California bs, I used it for about 1.5 years on the range no issues at all. I did my research on the market, and I guarantee you BA has good quality, feature and price (also really cool looking) in this belt at the same time that I could not find from any other seller, I did not hesitate coming back for my 2nd belt. Customer service was really helpful and easy to communicate with, I had my inner loop belt survived from the accident because it is so convenient to use as my daily belt, so they built a special order for the rig belt only and shipped to me really fast. I will definitely come back to BA again, you CANNOT GO WRONG with this gun belt.

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