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The New Old-Fashioned Way to Conceal Carry: The Fanny Pack

Concealed carry has become a hot topic in the firearm and self-defense world. There are so many options available for concealed carry: pocket carry, inside the waistband, and under the arm to name a few. For each person, it is going to be different based on their needs and comfort levels.

Our goal today is to give you another option. This old-fashioned piece of equipment is making a comeback in the concealed carry weapon world for a variety of reasons, making it the new-fashion for concealed carriers. This trend from the 80s and 90s has been brought back. It’s the Fanny Pack! 

Don’t go scoffing at the idea of using a fanny pack for concealed carry. Companies have been recreating and redesigning these pieces of history into new and well designed products for concealed carriers. They are more stylish and built for the needs of a concealed carrier by providing gun security, concealment, and usability. Concealed carry fanny packs are also often a better choice than IWB holsters for carrying firearms, offering greater comfort, security and ease of movement compared to other types of carriers.

The Criteria

When concealed carrying, some basic criteria should be sought after to make it the best experience possible. The whole idea behind concealed carrying is to keep the firearm out of sight and not let anyone else know that you have it. The setup needs to be concealed, comfortable, convenient, and versatile. These are the main areas that we will be looking at with the fanny pack.

Now, it may not feel like the fanny pack is going to be very concealed because it is an external carrier that will be worn outside of the carrier’s clothing, but it still conceals the weapon. All of the other accessories that many concealed carriers carry with them daily will be accessible as well. 


Concealment inside the waistband is popular for most people in our industry, but it can be cumbersome at times depending on the clothing that is being worn. Some just don’t like the feel of it and have a hard time keeping their weapon completely concealed. The fanny pack can solve all of that on its own. 

With a fanny pack, the concealed carry weapon goes inside the main compartment where it can usually be holstered to keep it secure and in place for an easy draw. This compartment should be easy to open and close with one hand.

Many everyday carriers also have other things that they carry with them besides their weapon. Blue Alpha fanny packs are designed to carry only the pistol in the main compartment and some very small items in the front pocket. The decision was made deliberately to minimize size and make it as small as possible. 

If you don’t have your pistol in the pack then you would have room for an extra magazine, a knife, phone, keys, a small flashlight, etc.  

No one would be able to look at someone carrying a fanny pack and know if they are carrying a firearm or not, and those designed for concealed carry can be worn in different positions: around the waist, slung over a shoulder, or strapped across the chest for different positions that could also make it more concealed or comfortable. 

The fanny pack simply offers great concealment as a stand alone setup for an everyday carrier or even a casual carrier.


The fanny pack also allows for more comfort than a lot of the other styles of concealed carry. If the feel of a firearm tucked into the waistband or in a pocket is not ideal, the fanny pack could be a great alternative. It conceals your weapon while keeping it out of sight and retained. It can give the wearer much more freedom of movement without compromising their concealment.

For those who spend a lot of time in more casual clothes or workout clothes, the fanny pack is a great option. Athletic wear can be hard to conceal your carry with, but a fanny pack would blend right in with any athletic clothing.

A long day of concealed carrying can also be a burden, not a comfort. A day out in public with a lot of sitting down or walking around can be uncomfortable with a variety of things being carried along with a firearm. Having all that directly on the body and tucked into clothing can be hard and uncomfortable. Alleviate the hardship with a fanny pack.

The fanny pack overall is a more comfortable option for concealed carry that can be moved, shifted, or even taken off without ever revealing a concealed firearm. And the wearer won’t be left sore or uncomfortable from sitting or standing with a firearm in their waistband all day. 


When you’re out and about and need to carry a concealed firearm, it can be difficult to decide between fanny packs and IWB (inside the waistband) holsters. While both are suitable for concealing firearms while driving, there are some key differences between the two that make fanny packs an ideal choice.

First off, fanny packs offer more comfort than IWB holsters due to their greater padding, adjustable straps, and form-fitting design. The pack sits comfortably on your lap rather than digging into your waist or hip, allowing for more comfort when wearing your seatbelt.

Fanny packs also provide greater security when driving since they have multiple clips that keep the firearm secure in your vehicle even in situations like a car wreck or accident. With IWB holsters, however, that extra security is not present and your firearm could potentially fall out of its holster if an unexpected event were to occur.

Fanny packs also allow you to carry your firearm with greater ease of movement when getting in and out of your vehicle as well as throughout the day while you’re on the go. This makes them a great option for those who need quick access to their firearms at all times.


Through talking about other criteria for concealed carriers, we have already touched on how versatile concealed carry fanny packs can be. They basically work for anything that the carrier can think of and allow them to expand what they want to carry. Fanny packs take away limitations for equipment that might not be possible with typical methods of concealed carry. 

With multiple compartments and bigger pouches, most concealed carry fanny packs can handle just about anything a carrier can think of. We just suggest not going overboard. No one should be carrying around several extra pounds of gear with them that they will probably never use. 

The fanny pack can also be shifted into different positions on the body to suit the needs of the wearer. It can be worn around the waist forward, on either hip or even to the rear where it would be out of the way. They can also be slung over the shoulder or strapped across the chest from shoulder to hip if needed. So, not only are fanny packs versatile with what can be carried but also how they can be carried themselves.

All in One Package

The fanny pack is the perfect tool for those who want to protect themselves while being discreet and comfortable at the same time. The convenience, comfort, and efficiency it offers make it a great option for anyone looking to conceal their weapon.

Looking for all these criteria in one fanny pack might seem like a stretch, but the Blue Alpha CCW Fanny Pack fits all these criteria with ease. It has a main compartment that zips open and closed easily while also having a spot for a holster to clip into it for the safety and security of the firearm. Safety and security is an important part of this product’s features, and it delivers. 

The easy to use zippers can be accessed with either hand to be used by left handed or right handed shooters alike. It is also designed to be worn around the waist or across the chest. 

The Blue Alpha CCW Fanny Pack also has a sleek and slim design that makes it stylish without being overly bulky. It comes in three different colorways: black, gray, and an old-school multicolored blue, teal, and pink for those wanting the retro look.

Be sure to check these out if the fanny pack seems like a good concealed carry option. They come in at a very affordable $60 and the quality of construction is out of this world.

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