Blue Alpha CCW Fanny Pack

Blue Alpha CCW Fanny Pack


  • Holster easily clips into fanny pack*
  • Retains CCW safely and securely
  • Allows for quick access to your CCW
  • Two zipper pulls allow for either hand to be used for easy draw CCW
  • Designed to be worn around the waist or across the chest
  • Adjusts from Pants Size 28-48
  • Three color options available**
  • Made in house in Georgia

3-5 Business Day lead time

(3 customer reviews)

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The Blue Alpha Fanny Pack is the perfect choice for concealed carry while you are at the beach, working out, hiking, or driving! It’s designed to carry a Walkman, cassette tapes or subcompact size pistol within a IWB/AIWB holster while maintaining maximum CCW comfort and function.

  • COMFORT – Keep quick access to your pistol without the discomfort of IWB/AIWB carry
  • SAFETY – Use your IWB/AIWB holster inside, and your trigger is always covered
  • RETENTION – Your holster keeps your pistol exactly where it’s supposed to be, and it can’t fall out when the fanny pack is open
  • CONCEALMENT – Small and thin profile fanny pack can be a subtle way to carry and is easy to hide under hoodies and jackets
  • CONVENIENCE – Easily switch back and forth between IWB/AIWB carry and fanny pack carry whenever you want
  • CARRY OPTIONS – Can be worn around the waist or across your chest

The Blue Alpha Fanny Pack is designed with safety and retention in mind. Thanks to the ability to mount your holster to the inside front panel the holster will stay in place when you draw your pistol, and your pistol will never fall out when you unzip the fanny pack. Keeping your pistol inside your holster in the fanny pack also ensures that the trigger is covered and safe. The holster attaches to a small hook panel via the holster clip.  The hook panel then attaches to the large loop panel on the inside front of the fanny pack. Due to the hook and loop on the front panel, the profile of the pistol won’t print and be visible to others. The Blue Alpha Fanny Pack is an extremely versatile product and will be a great addition to your concealed carry routine.

*Designed for subcompact guns only.  Make sure to attach holsters as low as possible in the fanny pack.
**Color arrangement of the multi-colored fanny pack may vary


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Black, Gray, Multi

3 reviews for Blue Alpha CCW Fanny Pack

  1. Tyler McKay (verified owner)

    Update: I’ve had the pack for a few weeks now, wearing it around, and I’m super pleased so far with the quality. I wear a blue alpha belt everyday as well, and have never been let down by the quality of the belts and materials. That being said, I like everything about the pack except for the depth and the top zipper. The fanny pack just isn’t deep enough, I wear it with a Glock 43 consistently, and I can’t really use the front pocket on the pack, because the holster (which I use a very minimal material kydex holster) and the pistol push on it to where I can barely get my fingers in the front pocket. The reason I wanted the pack was to actually use the front pocket for phone or wallet, so it would be inconspicuous. I feel like wearing the Fanny pack, but still using my pants pockets for phone and wallet makes it seem odd, and draws attention to it. “Why is he wearing a Fanny pack if he isn’t using it? ” kind of thing. And the curved zipper on top is ok, but a straight across the top zipper like the one on the front pocket would be more effective. Just some notes from an everyday user, I would definitely buy another one with these changes if they were made.

  2. Tyler McKay (verified owner)

    I’ve yet to be disappointed by a product from Blue Alpha. Fanny pack so far has been no different.

  3. adamwalls74 (verified owner)

    Awesome fanny pack. Quality materials and construction at a great price! A little more room than your average fanny pack but that’s a good thing! Thanks Blue Alpha!

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