Blue Alpha CCW Fanny Pack


The Blue Alpha Fanny Pack is the perfect choice for concealed carry while you are at the beach, working out, hiking, or driving!

  • 1 Holster attachment included
  • Holster easily clips into fanny pack*
  • Retains CCW safely and securely
  • Allows for quick access to your CCW
  • Two zipper pulls allow for either hand to be used for easy draw CCW
  • Designed to be worn around the waist or across the chest
  • Adjusts from Pants Size 28-48
  • Three color options available**

Additional Fanny Pack Velcro Holster Attachment here.

3-5 Business Day lead time

(10 customer reviews)

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The Blue Alpha Fanny Pack is designed with safety and retention in mind.  With an easy-to-use holster attachment made of One wrap, your pistol will never be at risk of slipping out when you unzip it while also allowing for easy draw. Due to the holster attachment and loop fastener on the front panel, the profile of your pistol won’t print.  Keeping your pistol inside your holster while using the fanny pack ensures that the trigger is covered and safe.  The Blue Alpha Fanny Pack is an extremely versatile product and will be a great addition to your concealed carry routine.

The Blue Alpha Fanny Pack is designed for subcompact and smaller pistols.
Here are some examples of compatible pistols:

Glock G43
Glock G43x
Glock G26
Glock G48 (No Weaponlight)
Sig P365
Sig P365XL
S&W Shield

Make sure to attach holsters as low as possible in the fanny pack.

Warranty: Our Fanny Pack has a one-year warranty that covers materials, craftsmanship, and defects.

Made in house in Georgia.

**Color arrangement of the multi-colored fanny pack may vary


Additional information


Black, Gray, Multi

10 reviews for Blue Alpha CCW Fanny Pack

  1. jeffclark1989 (verified owner)

    So to start off with I gained some weight just like Shawn from we like shooting podcast. We’ll long story short he loves it and I decided it to snag one went with the all black color. This Fanny pack is perfect for my chunky ass use it now all the time. I have a Glock 48 with shield mags. I used the neo mag for my extra mag inside works great. I don’t use a holster I use a trigger hat attached to some paracord. Then attach the paracord to the loop provided at the bottom of the Velcro. Works well for my needs built tough I love it blue alpha is the best in the business in my opinion for belts. Thanks blue alpha!

  2. symr00 (verified owner)

    I bought this pack to carry my S&W M&P 340 j frame. It’s the perfect size for j frame carry. The pack stays flat and looks just like any other slim Fanny pack. I bought it to wear across my chest and not my waist, but it disappears worn around the waist as well.

    The pack is well made and I like the X-Pack material being strong and lightweight. I’m not impressed with the zippers though. The zipper to access the pistol gets stuck in the open position and I have to use a bit of force to close it. I’ll try zipper wax and see if that helps. My biggest disappointment and it’s obvious I’m not the only one who feels this way is the Velcro retainer for the holster is absolutely useless. The Velcro hook is so low profile that it barely sticks to the Velcro loop inside the Fanny pack. 3 out of 5 times, the holster comes out with the draw because the Velcro sucks so bad. I think if the next generation Fanny packs uses quality YKK Zippers and uses taller hook Velcro for the holster retainer, this could be one of the best pistol Fanny packs. Until they fix those issues, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you plan to address those issues.

    Until they redesign the Velcro retainer with better Velcro, I have to just keep my pistol in the pocket without a holster and for $60, I could’ve purchased any other Fanny pack to do that. What sold me on Blue Alpha’s Fanny pack was the holster retainer to keep my gun holstered in the pack and it doesn’t even work.

  3. guntotinginger (verified owner)

    To start this review,I want to preface that this review is based on the product and customer service response.

    When I recieved the item the fanny pack was obviously well made and had a great low viz form factor. I do wish the zipper was at the top of the pack, but it does a decent job.

    The problem I noticed is that allthough a small firearm does fit the fanny pack fine, fitting that plus the holster is a struggle.

    When drawing from the fanny pack with a holster( as hard as it was to fit in to it) ,the provided velcro belt loop would not stick to the pack strong enough to allow a good draw from the holster. Most times the holster just exited the pack with the pistol.

    I almost returned the item but due to its unique form factor I reached out to the customer service to see if maybe I could get a different belt loop that had better velcro. The response was that it’s supposed be easy to remove. I dont know anyone that makes velcro products that wants the velcro to not stick.

    I have since ditched the holster and just carried with a trigger gaurd lanyard.

    The fanny pack is great for its low profile design and good materials, but the belt loop issue and customer service were what gave me a bad taste in my mouth.

    I would recommend using with a trigger gaurd lanyard. I believe the pack is worth the money due the “Gray man” aspect but I would love to see a version 2 with some improvements.

  4. Josh Schroeder (verified owner)

    I haven’t had a lot of time with the pack, but my initial thoughts are that it’s a bit smaller than I expected, main zipper placement seems too low, and the front compartment is really snug. Using a 365X, I’m still trying to find the right placement of the holster and retainer that allows for a practical draw. N8 tactical Xectutive kydex holster is maybe oversized for this application, but my cheap Uncle Mike’s seems to be more accomadating, but the flimsy plastic clip doesn’t secure well to the included retainer. If the zipper were placed higher on the bag, I think that would allow for an easier draw. Frequently, the top rear of the slide seems to get tucked behind the upper flap of the zipper and makes for an awkward draw. I am able to get the pistol and one mag into the main compartment, but then the front pouch is a bit snug, and makes removing my wallet other personal items difficult. Overall, construction is solid, material seem durable, and I like the abundance of loop material sewn into the main compartment. I have a different holster on the way that I’m hoping will really make this pack shine.

  5. natebruno1 (verified owner)

    Have had this Fanny pack for about two weeks. Bought it for warm weather use when I’m wearing shorts that won’t accommodate a belt.
    Like another reviewer mentioned, with a p365x w/optic in a holster,the pack is pretty full and doesn’t leave any room for additional items. I get it, it’s for a CCW, and I don’t want to clutter it with items. But if the front pocket was just a bit bigger to accommodate say a wallet, that would be really helpful.
    The construction is top notch, the material is top notch, and the design is well thought out. I didn’t understand the zipper design at first but once I received the pack I realized the arched zipper on the CCW compartment causes the gun to be more easily accessed.
    I’m currently in the process of finding trigger guards and or super slim holsters for my CCW guns to eliminate the bulkiness of having a full holster in the pack, I’m sure that will slim down my carry quite a bit.
    All in all I would definitely buy this again and recommend to friends.

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