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Blue Alpha CCW Fanny Pack


(14 customer reviews)

A safe and functional way to keep your CCW on hand. While out and about – keep your gear concealed, secure, and ready to draw.

  • Includes holster attachment for easy clipping
  • Maximum retention for safe and secure storing
  • Dual zippers allow for quick access to CCW with either hand
  • Designed to be worn on chest or waist
  • Sturdy, low-profile design

Color arrangement of the multi-colored Fanny Pack may vary

Additional Fanny Pack Velcro Holster Attachment here.

Typically ships in 2-5 business days.

Adjusts from pants size 28 to size 48.

Designed for subcompact and smaller pistols such as:

Glock G43
Glock G43x
Glock G26
Glock G48 (without weaponlight)
Sig P365
Sig P365XL
S&W Shield

Make sure to attach holsters as low as possible in the Fanny Pack.

All Blue Alpha accessories have a one-year warranty that covers craftsmanship and defects.

Warranty requests can be sent to or you can call us at (678) 961-3304. All you need to do is provide us with your name (or name used to make the purchase) and details of the issue (photos/videos are very helpful). Once we receive your original item, we will either send you a replacement or repair the item covered under warranty.

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14 reviews for Blue Alpha CCW Fanny Pack

  1. broach92 (verified owner)

    Well-made, minimal/low profile. I purchased one for my wife who carries a Ruger LCP, liked it enough to get myself one. I carry a S&W Shield Plus, which is the largest pistol I would attempt to carry in this. I love the holster attachment idea and it seems to work well with tiny guns like my wife’s LCP. I personally do not trust the level of velcro on the attachment to hold my heavier pistol. I replaced it with a Maxpedition UPW Universal Pistol Wrap, which works very well for me. Would have been happy to pay more if a similar attachment was offered by Blue Alpha. The front pocket is very small (which is good for my application) big enough to fit some cards and cash. Happy to support USA products, keep up the good work!

  2. anthem2018 (verified owner)

    Really well built, sturdy bag, no loose seams or strings to deal with. It actually disappears under my shirt which I could never make happen using any other method. This is the only ccw I can actually wear every day unlike all my other attempts at IWB holsters, etc. I cannot live with the plastic inside my belt, so this pack is great.

    The zipper for the main compartment opens easily, but I have to jigger with it to get it started when zipping it shut. One of the zipper pulls disappeared and the others are always loosening up, so I double looped the two I have left and replaced the missing one with something I had handy. I don’t use a holster inside the bag but would agree with other reviewers that the Velcro could be a bit stronger for that. I like the idea others posted about using a trigger guard tied to one of the loops inside. If you don’t put anything but a small pistol in the main pocket, you can use the front pocket for a slim wallet or some cash and a few cards. I don’t mind putting my keys on a belt loop and my slim wallet in my pants pocket. I don’t want to go into the fanny pack (appendix pack as I wear it) for anything but the weapon.

  3. storm0311 (verified owner)

    After I left a review I got contacted and the item is being replaced.

  4. storm0311 (verified owner)

    Initially I really liked the fanny pack, when I tested it around the house I noticed that the zipper keeps opening by itself by about a third of the way, I emailed them and crickets. I feel like I wasted 60 bucks and should have gotten a different one. If their customer service had at least gotten back it wouldn’t be so disappointing.

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