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Testing Your Battle Belt or EDC Gear

Testing Your Battle Belt or EDC Gear MICHAEL JORDAN DIDN’T ARGUE WITH PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. And when it comes to gear that could save your life, neither should you. By E.A. Crow Sure, professionals are great, but when I want real advice, I turn to the comments section on social media posts. Social media […]

I’ve Been Shooting My Whole Life. I Don’t Need Training.

“I’ve Been Shooting My Whole Life. I Don’t Need Training.” By: Chris Hill Most people can easily get behind the idea of getting training for something they are unfamiliar with. That said, throughout my time in the gun industry as a gun counter guy and an instructor, I have had to deal with objections to […]

Overview of My Duty Belt Setup

Overview of my Duty Belt Setup Article written by an Arizona Peace Officer -6.5 years sworn, 4.5 years as a full-time SWAT operator. The Duty Belt A Duty belt can have many different names such as a Battle belt or Police belt. You will likely spend every hour of every shift with some sort of […]

Less Thunder in the Mouth, More Lightning in the Hand

LESS THUNDER IN THE MOUTH, MORE LIGHTNING IN THE HAND: Why I finally decided to apply for my CCW permit after years of resisting By E.A. Crow The man by the subway door was on drugs and I could see in his eyes he was about to do something crazy. What happened next happened fast […]

History of the 2nd Amendment

The History of the Second Amendment and How it Applies Today The Second Amendment is easily one of the most heavily debated sections of the U.S. Constitution; from the average citizen to historian, politician, to judge, there doesn’t seem to be one clear interpretation of the founding father’s intentions for the citizenry to have access […]

The Evolution of My EDC

The Evolution of My EDC By: @ohio2a Getting Started While I had started shooting regularly in college around 2008, I started concealed carrying around 2013. I had wanted to get my Concealed Handgun License since I turned 21, but I found the requirements to be cost prohibitive and I could not get weekends free to […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Concealed Carry Belts

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Concealed Carry Belts Concealed Carry Belts – The Purpose Concealed carry belts play a crucial role in ensuring comfort, secure placement, and the concealment of firearms. Those of you who’ve carried for years know how essential it is to find a high quality belt that won’t loosen or bend.  […]

The Development and Purpose of the Stock Sock

The Development and Purpose of the Stock Sock They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well in this case that adage is undeniable. The Stock Sock from the good folks at Blue Alpha is the culmination of years of fine tuning, and constructive criticism from some great folks with solid backgrounds in the […]

How to Set Up a Battle Belt

A battle belt, also known as a range belt, duty belt, or gun belt can be used for many reasons. In general, these belts are used for keeping all of your gear in one place securely, and comfortably. Battle belts are prevalent among the Special Operations community, mobile/static security contractors, police officers, and those who […]

Intro to Everyday Carry Belts

By Monica Newman | Pinot+Pistols Building a solid foundation for effective, comfortable, and safe concealment is absolutely essential, both in regards to your skillset and your gear! In this article, we’re going to talk about one very important piece of gear that can make or break your concealed carry game: the belt. Beginners and experienced […]