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The Most Important Tactical Gear | A Complete Guide

It is always important to be prepared. You never know what you could come up against, or what could happen outside your control. Between the pandemic and riots, now more than ever, people are preparing themselves to protect everything that matters to them. Plus, tactical gear is useful in all sorts of situations. You can […]

tactical belt

How to Wear a Tactical Belt

Are you tired of uncomfortable sagging belts? Do you typically carry items on your belt like tools or other items? If so, what you need is a tactical belt! Tactical belts solve the issue of regular belts sagging and are specially designed to carry gear including a firearm. They are typically fast drying, highly adjustable, […]

Tactical Belts and Their Uses

Tactical Belts and Their Uses There are a wide variety of tactical belts out there, and their uses are numerous. Tactical belts have become increasingly popular over the years as concealed carry, everyday carry, and civilian tactical training have become more popular. Their uses have expanded beyond just military and police applications as more civilians […]

Thoughts About the Blue Alpha Duty Belt

Thoughts About the Blue Alpha Duty Belt Product Review by Cap What brand of duty belt do you wear in your law enforcement, security detail or everyday civilian life?  Did you buy something that was low-cost and learned the duty belt now in your hands – and its accompanying setup – is actually horrible?  Have […]

Blue Alpha Tourniquet Holder

Blue Alpha Gear Tourniquet Holder By Tom Rader One of the simplest lifesaving devices you can carry is a tourniquet.  We have moved to a point where tourniquets are well accepted by most people.  It used to be that tourniquets were scary and should not be used and, if used, only as a last resort.  […]

How to Zero a Red Dot Pistol Sight

How to Zero a Red Dot Pistol Sight If you just got a new shiny red dot sight, you are probably super excited to put it on your gun and head to the range. Although if you want to make sure it is mostly sighted in at first, you will need to do a couple […]

How To Apply a Tourniquet

How to apply a tourniquet By Tom Rader When it comes to stopping the bleed, tourniquets are one of the most important tools in the medical toolbox.  Emergency situations run the gamut from car accidents to gun violence to industrial injuries. But how do you use a tourniquet correctly? Here’s a quick guide. Managing life-threatening […]

Guide for Safe and Responsible Gun Ownership

Guide for Safe and Responsible Gun Ownership Whether you’ve owned firearms for many years, or you recently bought your first gun and you’re new to gun ownership, there are some rules that we should all be following. Having put some thought over all aspects of responsible gun ownership, reflecting on my journey into this world, […]

How to Choose a Concealed Carry Handgun

How to Choose a Concealed Carry Handgun So you’ve decided that it’s time to look into the world of concealed carry. After all, isn’t it about time? It seems that every week there is another news headline of a shooting occurring somewhere, and many Americans who have been somewhat ambivalent regarding the role that firearms […]

Essential Tools and Tricks for Cleaning Firearms

Essential Tools and Tricks for Cleaning Firearms If you are around firearms long enough, you will inevitably hear tales of someone that never cleans their guns.  These tales are usually filled with high round counts, alternatives to cleaning that will keep a gun going just as well, and other embellishments that vary from borderline possible […]