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The Development and Purpose of the Stock Sock

The Development and Purpose of the Stock Sock They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well in this case that adage is undeniable. The Stock Sock from the good folks at Blue Alpha is the culmination of years of fine tuning, and constructive criticism from some great folks with solid backgrounds in the […]

How to Set Up a Battle Belt

A battle belt, also known as a range belt, duty belt, or gun belt can be used for many reasons. In general, these belts are used for keeping all of your gear in one place securely, and comfortably. Battle belts are prevalent among the Special Operations community, mobile/static security contractors, police officers, and those who […]

Intro to Everyday Carry Belts

By Monica Newman | Pinot+Pistols Building a solid foundation for effective, comfortable, and safe concealment is absolutely essential, both in regards to your skillset and your gear! In this article, we’re going to talk about one very important piece of gear that can make or break your concealed carry game: the belt. Beginners and experienced […]