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Thoughts About the Blue Alpha Duty Belt

Product Review by Cap

What brand of duty belt do you wear in your law enforcement, security detail or everyday civilian life?  Did you buy something that was low-cost and learned the duty belt now in your hands – and its accompanying setup – is actually horrible? 

Have you noticed the premature wear of the fabric, the stiffness giving out too quickly, or the lack of flexibility in your particular duty belt?  What about the inner belt? The last time I ordered a duty belt from another brand I found that after a couple of months of continued use the velcro seemed to wear out and was unworkable. I had to reorder another one.

My Ghost Collection

After 20+ years in law enforcement I have collected a huge amount of miscellaneous gear up to, and to including, my fair share of duty belts. In the process, I have amassed a large collection of ghost versions of duty belts and their attachments that I didn’t have the heart to toss away because I thought I might need something someday as a spare or backup when some component of my next belt failed prematurely. 

Enter Blue Alpha Duty Belts

Well this all changed when I came across a company named, “Blue Alpha.”  Blue Alpha’s website offers quality belts, duty belts and everyday carry belts for your inner warrior needs.

I know this sounds like a sales pitch, but I promise you, the reader, it is. And it’s also a true life testament to a motto I’ve always wanted to adhere to which is, “Never trust your life to second best”

What separates Blue Alpha duty belts from their competitors?  Let’s start with quality belt buckles. 

Duty Belt Buckle

In my time running and gunning, as well as in law enforcement training, the first thing to give was the buckle. Sure, high quality plastic was the hip thing at the time, but sometimes it would not seat properly or would just snap with overuse. 

The old ways of holding your belt together have changed and Blue Alpha has made this change. There is nothing like a poor quality duty belt that falls apart when you get out of your patrol car and the only thing to keep it attached are your belt keepers.  

Blue Alpha offers buckles that are made with quality polymer or aluminum parts from COBRA buckles.  If you have never used the COBRA buckle system you are truly missing out. Reliable, sturdy and can handle the tough and rough use of a duty belt or EDC belt.

It is hard enough to get as many draws from the new holster with a triple threat retention. It is truly not cool to have multiple release buttons on your buckle or, especially, your duty belt. Just a quick manipulation of the fingers and “Poof” the Blue Alpha Duty Belt comes off just like that.  

Blue Alpha buckles have the quick buckle release for easy on and off implementation, allowing for longevity when going hands on with a suspect or just getting your gear off in a hurry for that much-needed and hurried run to the bathroom from your earlier lunch at the local bad choice because, “you were hungry at the convenience store.”

The easy on and off of the COBRA buckle system allowed me to set up my duty belt quickly so I could get out on the range and test out my new Blue Alpha duty belt.  

Comfortable Duty Belt

A test run of donning and doffing was pretty nice and memories flashed of those emergent days of old when fumbling was just a part of being called out to an emergency call. I remember how difficult it was just manipulating the duty belt. 

The Blue Alpha duty belt, on the other hand, is smooth and super easy to snap into place.  The feel of this duty belt is not rigid or super stiff.  It arrives with that perfect feel between almost broken in and brand new, which makes this Blue Alpha duty belt stand apart from belts from other brands I have owned.

The Blue Alpha duty belt fits like it was specially made just for me, the wearer. I know what you may be thinking and it is true, I am sold on the quality and like the custom-made feel of my Blue Alpha duty belt.  For an old veteran law enforcement officer and firearms instructor, this is what I have been waiting for in a duty belt. In both their 1.75 inch belts to their 2 inch duty belts, whether you are a big or petite person then Blue Alpha has you covered with their belt sizes. 

Blue Alpha belts are not only warranted for 1 year, they are also designed to fit one size above and one size smaller then you, the wearer.  By this I mean if you’re a big guy like myself not only is my size already accounted for but I also get a plus one and minus one size for those holiday meals which make or break a working duty belt. 

Pro tip: Blue Alpha recommends if you do not know which of the two sizes you are then you should order one size bigger for a sure fit.

Durable Duty Belt

Blue Alpha is aware of how much gear the law enforcement community has to carry to perform their jobs and have made their belts to handle the load of magazines, radios, handcuffs and whatever else needs to be carried to perform the job.  

Blue Alpha made these belts to be highly functional because they know getting in and out of a vehicle does take its toll on law enforcement as does crawling, running and jumping.  Blue Alpha belts are made to take on the tasks that law enforcement officers have to do. They take the standard duty belt to the next level of performance.

Blue Alpha has the everyday carry (EDC) or a standard overlap belt for duty use. Everyday carry for the range or instructing a class allows for maneuverability and not as encumbered as the duty belt.  Blue Alpha belts are made to order and are double layered to ensure not only higher caliber of product but durability of use.  


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About Blue Alpha

Blue Alpha is based in Newnan, Georgia and we are committed to producing American-made products of the highest quality with the best customer service. We make our products for, and deeply appreciate, all responsible gun owners, law enforcement, military, and others who help make the world a better place. Check out our highly popular EDC belt and battle belt.