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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Concealed Carry Belts

Concealed Carry Belts - The Purpose

Concealed carry belts play a crucial role in ensuring comfort, secure placement, and the concealment of firearms. Those of you who’ve carried for years know how essential it is to find a high quality belt that won’t loosen or bend. 

Those of you who are new to concealed carry have likely experienced the disadvantages of carrying without an adequate belt. The constant need to readjust your belt and pull up your pants is aggravating. Still worse, you live with the possibility that your firearm might fall out when you lean over or have to move quickly. 

An inadequate belt is not only uncomfortable; it’s also unsafe. At times, the discomfort may be such that you choose to forego carrying a firearm altogether. There are many reasons that a quality concealed carry belt is a critical piece of gear. Below we review the top 5 reasons you need a concealed carry belt.

5 Reasons to Wear Concealed Carry Belts

If you’ve never considered wearing a concealed belt before, here are five essential reasons to consider:

     1.Conceal Carry Belts Provide Enhanced Security and Safety

The first and foremost consideration for every person who carries a weapon must be maximum safety and security. The freedom to carry a firearm is accompanied by the responsibility to ensure you are always in control of your firearm. Imagine having to deal with the consequences of a drop-fire because your weapon slipped off your waist in a public place.

Regardless of the manufacturer’s safety guarantee, it’s best to take matters into your hands and ensure that your gear keeps your gun where you want it. 

   2.Concealed Carry Belts Ensure Maximum Comfort

Perhaps you’ve had the following experience

You decide you are going to conceal carry. You do a bunch of research on which firearm to purchase and how to obtain your CCW license. Finally, everything is ready to go. You’ve purchased your gun, your license has arrived, and you step out of your home with a firearm concealed against your waist for the first time. You’ve heard that you get used to carrying and that it’s not uncomfortable. After a few days, however, you notice that your belt is starting to change shape. It starts to droop where the gun and holster are placed because it wasn’t designed to withstand the stress of a holster and firearm, no matter how small the firearm. Your holster feels uncomfortable and out of place. So you tighten your belt. Despite the added discomfort, the situation doesn’t improve because the portion of your belt that holds the holster continues to stretch and droop. You keep tightening your belt over time until you give up and try a new belt. The same thing happens again and you eventually decide you’ll only carry on select occasions or forego carrying together.

If the above describes your experience, you are not alone. In fact, many new CCW permit holders stop carrying regularly because of the same frustration and discomfort that you’ve experienced. Like you, they decide to exchange safety for comfort, not realizing those options aren’t mutually exclusive.

By now you probably realize that if you are going to conceal carry a firearm, a quality carry belt is an absolute must. It’s a small investment that is definitely worth making to protect your expensive weapon and ensure that you are comfortable and safe.

   3.Concealed Carry Belts Enable Muscle Memory

Muscle memory is another reason to consider investing in a quality concealed carry belt. The faster you are able to draw your firearm in a moment of need, the better off you will be. The speed with which you are able to draw depends on a few key factors. One of those factors is muscle memory. Your hand should know exactly where to find your firearm every time you draw. This muscle memory is developed during training at the range and is key to preparation. The right belt will keep your firearm perfectly in place so that your hand instantly finds your firearm while your eyes stay on target.
If you currently use a regular department store belt to carry your firearm, your draw stroke will be slightly different every day you carry because the shape of your belt and the position of your firearm are constantly changing.

   4.Concealed Carry Belts Make it Easier to Draw

Instinctively knowing exactly where your firearm is seated is one critical aspect of the draw stroke; actually being able to quickly remove the firearm from the holster is another. Loose or flexible belts move when force is applied. Hence, when you pull up on your firearm, your belt comes up with it, leading to an unpredictable withdrawal. Your belt’s movement forces you to secure the belt with one hand while withdrawing the firearm with the other. Frequently, this means you have to take your eyes off target to see what your gun, belt, and holster are doing. The additional time and attention required to actually withdraw your firearm from the wrong belt may make all the difference.

   5.Concealed Carry Belts Provide Peace of Mind

Carrying a weapon is a different experience. You made the choice to carry in the first place because you wanted to be able to protect yourself and others as needed. It’s nice to know that, no matter the situation, you have a much better chance of coming out on top because you are carrying. But do you really have peace of mind if you aren’t positive that your gear will cooperate in a critical moment? A quality belt provides the confidence that your gear will perform in the moment of need, and your firearm will remain secured and concealed until then.

Things to Look for in A Concealed Carry Belt

Now that we’ve established the importance of concealed carry belts, we should also point out that not all concealed carry belts are created equal. You and your firearm deserve the highest quality concealed carry belt. Below are a few factors to consider

These include:

  • Durability- Look for a belt that has high quality nylon webbing. You’ll notice that manufacturers of the best belts include extra stitching to support common fail points. The extra stitching and quality materials ensure that your belt will withstand the stress of daily carry without any issues. Look for comments emphasizing the durability of the belt in customer reviews. 
  • Buckle or No Buckle- Belts with the traditional prong aren’t suitable for concealed carry. Instead look for belts with a high quality buckle that is small enough to fit through your belt loops (such as our Hybrid EDC – or low profile designs such as our Low Profile EDC –
  • Rigidity- The level of rigidity also determines how well a concealed carry belt performs. Look for belts with two layers of high quality nylon webbing.
  • Made in the USA – Many of our customers have experienced the frustration of purchasing belts that look good in the advertisement but don’t hold up because they aren’t made with the same attention to quality overseas. Invest in a belt that is made in the USA so that you can have faith in the quality of the belt and so that you can contact the company if you have any questions or concerns. The right company will treat you like family. Plus, in the end, it’s cheaper to purchase a high quality belt that will last than to purchase several lower quality belts you are forced to replace.

Final Thoughts

Your gun is only one component of effective self-defense. Simply purchasing a high-quality firearm isn’t enough to ensure your safety. The gear you train and carry with, especially the belt and holster, play a crucial role. This is why quality concealed carry belts are worth the investment.