Belt Size Exchange

Belt Size Exchange


If you purchased a Blue Alpha belt and it does not fit, we will exchange your belt for a different size for free within the first 30 days. Just fill out this form. Please allow 2-3 business days for your new belt to ship. Included in the package will be a return mailer with prepaid postage to return your old belt. Free, fast and easy. Thank you for your business!

(70 customer reviews)


If you purchased a Blue Alpha belt and it does not fit, we will exchange your belt for a different size for free within the first 30 days. Just fill out this form. Please allow 2-3 business days for your new belt to ship. Included in the package will be a return mailer with prepaid postage to return your old belt. Free, fast and easy. Thank you for your business!

70 reviews for Belt Size Exchange

  1. Chandler (verified owner)

    It was great I ordered the first belt one size too big and using the size exchange was simple. The new belt was sent to me quickly and with a return shipping slip to send back the original belt. Overall, the size exchange went perfectly.

  2. Stanley Sabijon (verified owner)

    Follow the sizing chart and you’ll never go wrong. Very easy to exchange and superb CS. I love this hybrid cobra belt, built is very high quality and well made. The best brand of belt in my collections or should I say the Cadillac of belts!

  3. Jerry Calvanese (verified owner)

    Great belt and tier-1 customer service. Even provided specifics on nominal vs. traditional belt sizes. Had a replacement within a few days. There is a reason Blue Alpha Belts have a reputation as the best in the business.

  4. Ryan Wilson (verified owner)

    Awesome customer service from Blue Alpha Gear to offer this option at no cost. Shipping was prompt, and the belt was the same great quality as the first one.

  5. Seth Kessel (verified owner)

    Ordered a size too big from one of their partners and filled out the form here and had a new belt in a week!

  6. Joseph Cattell (verified owner)

    This is a great belt! I really like how quick and efficient it is. I intend on purchasing it in other colors.

  7. William Taylor (verified owner)

    Amazing belt and customer service! You can’t beat the price. Thank you Blue Alpha!

  8. David S (verified owner)

    This is a great company, I had ordered the EDC low profile belt one size to big which was completely my fault and Blue Alpha could not have made it easier to exchange for the next size down no questions asked, I was and am already extremely impressed with this belt and now I’m just as impressed with they’re awesome customer service, there’s no need for me to ever look elsewhere because I have found the company to always do business with, they’ll definitely be recommend by me so thank you again Blue Alpha, you’ve gained a life long customer in me.

  9. Todd Honea (verified owner)

    This belt is comfortable with a great price point! My original order was too short for my IWB holster and i needed to exchange it for a larger one. I did the online exchange form and it was shipped out the next day. It appeared that the USPS lost it at some point so I contacted customer service at Blue Alpha. Shout out to Julie… She was awesome!! She dropped another one in the mail right away. The original exchange showed up a few days later and I called Julie to let her know. She was super helpful and instructed me on how to return the 2nd exchange when it shows up. She asked why I didnt take advantage of the military discount and retroactively applied it to my original purchase and refunded me the discount. All my belts will come from Blue Alpha. Customer service gets a 10/10 from me! God bless!

  10. Josh (verified owner)

    awesome belt awesome customer service

  11. Josh Dillehay (verified owner)

    Great quality belt, and excellent customer service. I ordered a size too small, and they shipped another one at no cost to me, with return postage already paid in less than 3 business days. Their quality and service can’t be beaten!!

  12. BB (verified owner)

    The staff went out of their way outside of business hours to make sure I was able to exchange my belt. The belt is great, great company! FIVE stars!

  13. Francisco R (verified owner)

    Without a doubt the best edc belt ever!! Also Blue Alpha company is top of the line in excelente customer service and support. Their belts are very high-quality and extremely durable. Definitely recommend these to anyone looking to carry their firearm, gear or ever just to use as a daily belt! I wear mine to work and going out everyday and will not be going back to my old belts ever again!

  14. Justin Triebel (verified owner)

    Like many people say if you carry you have to wear load bearing belt. My total edc load out is 4 to 5 lbs and this belt handles it great. No trouble feeding it through the belt loops of my khaki work pants. What I like the most is how much more comfortable it is over a 12 to 16 hr work day even when I can’t carry due to work restrictions, it doesn’t sag down and can be worn a little looser and does it job better than a traditional leather belt. Great product and impressive customer service.
    Justin T

  15. Chris H. (verified owner)

    Great belt. High quality product, and worth the wait. The best part is the customer service you get from Blue Alpha Gear. My belt arrived, and was slightly too big. I filled out their size exchange form, and honestly thought with everything going on, a replacement would take weeks to come in. Nope, 3 days later there it was. Shipping covered to and from by them as well. Very rare in today’s world. Keep up the great work.

  16. Barry S. (verified owner)

    The belt exchange was awesome! The folks at Blue Alpha go out of their way to make sure you get the right product in a timely manner.

  17. Michael Maibohm (verified owner)

    Amazing customer service! Took a few try’s to dial in just the right size belt. A++++++ great company and great products!

  18. Justin K (verified owner)

    Awesome company and great belt! Everything is high quality. I ended up returning my original order and getting 1 size smaller, which fits perfect. Prompt shipping on both belts. Order the same size belt as size pants you can wear without a belt and it will fit good. Will definitely be buying from here again!

  19. RH (verified owner)

    Hi guys,
    Hands down the best belts on the market. You can’t be disappointed, nobody is better.

  20. Shaun Preiss (verified owner)

    Incredible is the only word, both the belt and customer service. I ordered a 34 which was too big/long and was worried about a painful return process, but this was unreal. I placed my belt size exchange on 8/18 and got my new 32 today 8/22/20 with everything I need to send back my size 34 belt for free. I don’t remember the last time I recommended a product or company with such high regards.

  21. David Kaus (verified owner)

    I love the hybrid belt. It’s easy to get through my belt loops and I like how stiff the belt is. The best thing is if you get the wrong size they will send you an exchange within 3 days along with a return envelope. This is AWESOME !!!!!
    I did find that I should of followed their recommendation and ordered the size belt that I wear in pants size. Again, AWESOME COMPANY AND AWESOME BELT !!!!

  22. RB Kroeck (verified owner)

    Almost 62 years old and this is the best belt I’ve ever had!

  23. Cihan Cakal (verified owner)

    Excellent belt and customer service. Size exchange was simple and quick. Very happy with my purchase.

  24. Lee (verified owner)

    I have to say hands down the best customer service I have ever had. This is my second low profile belt that I have bought. It is so comfortable and minimalist and still supports my CCW. I really need to buy every color of this belt because it is that good. “Keep up the good work BlueAlpha” as I slow clap.

  25. Jeff (verified owner)

    Excellent product, Size i chose too small but customer service was easy to work with and the return/exchange was smooth and issue free! Would def recommend this product!

  26. Joe (verified owner)

    Great product and the customer service is excellent!

  27. Jeff (verified owner)

    Great product, great customer service
    Very patient with me and my size exchange was smooth!! I went thru about 5 belts of other brands. So many pros on social media recommended blue alpha. I am very happy I gave them a try. The low-profile EDC is now my EDC. 👍🏼

  28. Daniel (verified owner)

    Ordered a Molle 1.75″ Double Belt Rig one size too large. Blue Alpha had another one made, shipped and received less than a week after I filled the belt size exchange. They even let me switch the color I ordered from Coyote to Multicam. It was a no questions asked experience and it didn’t cost anything even though it was my mistake. These guys are awesome! Will buy more products from them in the future.

  29. William (verified owner)

    Blue Alpha is without a doubt a Five Star company with Five Star products.

    I received nothing but great customer service on a product size exchange. They were extremely helpful in helping me select the right size for me. What they recommended was a perfect fit.

    Thank You for your amazing service and top quality products.

    Happy Customer

  30. Tyler (verified owner)

    Not my first belt from blue alpha gear. Decided to size up and went a little too big. New belt was shipped to me promptly with a pre labeled bag for the old belt. As always, top quality products and excellent customer service.

  31. Mark (verified owner)

    Super solid belt. Very comfortable.
    Like many others I botched my initial measurement.
    Blue Alpha had a properly sized replacement to me in less than a week.

  32. Tom S. (verified owner)

    The Low Profile EDC Belt is an absolutely comfortable belt capable of holding your CC weapon adequately. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but it stands out with its rigidity and excellent workmanship. It does the job and very well at that.

    Customer service was outstanding. I had ordered the wrong size and the exchange was painless and fast. Bravo Blue Alpha!

    The warranty is exceptional.

    Love my Low Profile EDC belt! It’s the only belt I now wear.

  33. Al (verified owner)

    Well made belt. Now I need to buy every color.

  34. Joey K (verified owner)

    The EDC low profile belt is excellent quality, sturdy and comfortable. The first one I ordered was just a little small but the size exchange program made it effortless to get the correct size. It shipped fast and I have been wearing it everyday since I got it. I will be ordering more in different colors. Do yourself a favor and get a belt from Blue Alpha.

  35. Steve (verified owner)

    Fantastic belt – quality is outstanding and given the price, it is a great value. I love the OD Green.

    I had to exchange my first order because it was too large and the process was seamless.

    Already planning on additional purchases in different colors!

  36. yojimbo556 (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with this belt. I was looking for a high quality low profile belt for AIWB and found exactly what I wanted from Blue Alpha Gear!

    What’s even more impressive is their great customer service. I had to get a smaller belt and the exchange process was quick and painless!

    I will definitely be purchasing from Blue Alpha Gear again!

  37. John (verified owner)

    Belt exchange works very well. Wouldn’t change a thing with the process.

  38. John S (verified owner)

    Blue Alpha is amazing. Great products, amazing customer service.
    You guys rock! 🇺🇸

  39. Jim Yarbrough (verified owner)

    Great belt for EDC if you really want to be concealed. It doesn’t get in the way of appendix carry. Sizing was different than some leather gun belts I have purchased. But Blue Alpha’s customer support is great and they allowed me to swap it for a different size free and hassle free. An excellent quality belt.
    purchased the wolf gray

  40. Alexandru Neiconi (verified owner)

    Love it. Great product first of all. Can self adjust how tight/loose you want the belt in an instant. Besides that, the customer service is AMAZING. My dumbass got the wrong size cuz I was lying to myself thinking I didn’t have love handles the size of Texas. They took care of everything and sent me a gorgeous product and had patience with my dumbass. I’m definitely gonna buy a double belt system from them next. This thing is awesome.

  41. Alex (verified owner)

    A great product made with great material, and backed with great customer service (I returned the first order and replaced it with a different size for free). Thanks!

  42. Ovi-G (verified owner)

    Best belt out there, I has order the wrong size cuz I gained a couple of pounds and didn’t realized, they exchanged it at no cost and delivered the new one super fast. Belt is awesome for both concealed and open carry holsters. Belt is so good & comfy and def sturdy I use it as my everyday belt even when I’m not carrying my gun. Cannot wait to try other products made my blue alpha.

  43. George Martinez (verified owner)

    Great product. Customer service is great. Ordered the wrong size and had my replacement back in no time. Very sturdy belt for duty carry and for concealment.

  44. Nathan (verified owner)

    When I ordered the wrong size belt, it was insanely easy to fill out a size exchange order and get the right size. Shipping was quick considering, and it came with a pre labeled empty package ready to go. Every experience I’ve had with Blue Alpha has been awesome. Cheers

  45. Scott Sliwinski (verified owner)

    Great product! Great customer service! The belt size exchange program is the best!

  46. Everett Daniels (verified owner)

    The entire process was perfect. From ordering the hybrid EDC belt to receiving it promptly in the mail. To determining that it was one size too large, because I didn’t listen when they said to order your exact pant size. I ordered the belt size exchange and promptly received that in the mail at a different address that I submitted. I then returned the larger belt in the pre-paid package. Blue Alpha has the best customer service that I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I will be ordering another belt from you in Wolf Gray. The quality of your belts are outstanding.

  47. cbsharer82 (verified owner)

    Great quality and price. Bought wrong size and was blown away by the hassle free exchange that includes free shipping on correct size plus pre paid shipping on my returned belt!!! This is how companies should conduct business!!!

  48. John Lewis (verified owner)

    Very pleased. Both with the quality of the items and customer service. I ordered the wrong size and it was a piece of cake getting the exchange done. No hassle at all and very quick ! I am now looking at other items for my next order, as I will definitely do more business here.

  49. Mike Mullins (verified owner)

    Great product. Belts are very comfortable. Excellent Customer Service.

  50. Josh (verified owner)

    Low profile EDC is an excellent belt. Solid construction. Customer service is top notch. I ordered a size too small and the new belt in the correct size was in the mail within a couple days of filling out the exchange form.

  51. Phillip (verified owner)

    Excellent belt and customer service is top notch. I ordered the wrong size and within a week new on was at my door. Easiest exchange ever.

  52. Ralph walton (verified owner)

    Hi, I purchased and returned two before getting the right size for me. No issues and received each belt super fast. I’m a couple of days in and love this belt. This is my favorite belt by far. I carry in and out ,from glock 19 to sig 365 doesn’t matter belt holds tight. Thanks Blue Alpha spectacular product

  53. Matthew

    Great customer service. I purchased the low profile EDC belt and it is great!

  54. Luke y. (verified owner)

    Really easy, high quality. I would recommend going your regular pant size or 2 inches under

  55. Lindsay (verified owner)

    Super high quality belt and fantastic customer service! I ordered the wrong size for my fiance and exchanging it was a breeze! Will definitely recommend Blue Alpha.

  56. Jason Keenan (verified owner)

    Their customer service is hands down awesome! I goofed up and ordered the wrong size and Julie was awesome through out the process. She got me a new one super quick and made the process so easy.

  57. Angel Otero (verified owner)

    Received the belt as a gift in coyote. I instantly loved it but fit a little too small for IWB carry. I used the exchange feature and unlike most companies where you return and then wait to receive the new item afterward, I received my new belt quickly with a self addressed postage paid pouch for my return! I liked the belt so much I bought another in black. Excellent customer service, excellent quality and extremely fair pricing!

  58. Cris Martinez (verified owner)

    Love this belt, ordered a size too small sent it back they got me the right size very quick and simple. Been wearing this belt every day! Love it thanks guys!

  59. Cheryl (verified owner)

    As a first time gun owner I spent a lot of time reviewing belts. And your company continue to get great reviews. And now I know why. I ordered the low profile belt and it is so comfortable. I hate wearing belts but I hardly know this one is on. I ordered a size too large and your customer service made it extremely easy to return. Overall it was an excellent experience.

  60. Aaron (verified owner)

    This is quite a nice belt. In my early days of CCW, I had been using regular off the shelf leather belts typically sold at clothing stores not realizing they were poorly suited to the purpose.
    I like the buckle system quite a bit and how rugged the belt seems, but my favorite feature is the complete adjustability.

  61. scott simmons (verified owner)

    Love this belt even after ordering the wrong size not once but twice, totally my fault by the way they still got me the right one quickly and professionally, perfect belt for my ccw holster and a damn fine belt with out the holster, I see no reason this belt won’t last for many, many years, very well made, it’s the perfect belt really, try one you’ll agree,!

  62. John Walton IV (verified owner)

    Awesome EDC belt. Holds my belt up great and for my conceal carry thanks blue alpha belts

  63. Michael (verified owner)

    This is honestly the best EDC belt I have used and the cobra buckle make it easy to take on and off without readjusting the tightness like the belts that just use the Velcro. Will not be using any other belt in the future.

  64. Serafin Gomez IV (verified owner)

    I don’t ever leave reviews on any product of any kind, but I have to say that besides having a top notch product blue alpha has even better quality customer service. No one comes close

  65. Johnny (verified owner)

    Received my belt and I got it a bit small so contacted BlueAlpha and they sorted it straight away.

    Got the replacement in no time.
    Great quality and professional service.


  66. Joe Cervantes (verified owner)

    The belt exchange was simple and worked seamlessly. I do appreciate that Blue Alpha offers this service for folks, like me, who think they are thinner than they really are. 🙂
    The belt itself is very simple, comfortable and works quite well. I have only worn it to keep my pants up and tested the fit with and IWB holders. It does the trick on both counts. I like the look of a thicker belt and wish they offered a 1.75 in version of the EDC line. When they do, I’ll buy one.

  67. Justin R (verified owner)

    Excellent Belt I would recommend it to anyone who conceal carries.

  68. Lee (verified owner)

    The best belts for just the right adjustment not like belt holes. I am a big guy and love these belts

  69. Sellers Bailey III (verified owner)

    My new belt is a perfect fit; and the exchange process was the most customer friendly of any I have ever experienced. My belt is both comfortable and a stable platform for my EDC loadout.

  70. Jeremy (verified owner)

    Love it, works great for CCW appendix, especially in the Vertix technical pants. Since the webbing double back on itself in the front, it holds the holster clip nice and snug. I really like how easy the cobra buckle slides through the Vertix pants. I have tried using some other more narrow belt loops, that it is kind of a pain to slide through, but I’m switching over to all Vertix pants anyways, but something to be aware of, for others. Great quality!

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